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Who we are

iMenu4u is an Order Management Platform developed by iMenu4u, LLC based in CA. The platform is available for use either thru’ web browsers or thru’ the mobile app (Android/iPhone). iMenu4u is a service provider to restaurants and partners them in the entire ordering cycle. Presently we are operating in the San Diego and New York areas but are actively adding other cities. It brings together the restaurants and their customers on a platform where the customers can use either the Web or the mobile Apps to check out the menus, select their choice of dishes and place orders on the restaurant.

Why iMenu4u Platform?

  • There is cost pressure on restaurant business due to increase in online ordering through aggregators. Restaurant owners are sharing upto 35% of their revenue to online aggregators. iMenu4u help restaurants to improve top line and bottom line using its platform.
  • Customer profiling is difficult when orders are through aggregators. iMenu4u works as technology partner with restaurants and help them in promoting restaurant brand.
  • There is no single platform available to cater various restaurant needs. There are different service providers for solutions and services like Online Ordering, App Ordering, POS, Credit Card Processing, Promotional Activities, Menu creation etc. iMenu4u provides various solutions and professional services as part of the single platform.

Join Us


Everyone who loves good food and a delightful gastronomic experience uses our platform to check out cuisines of their choice, order their food to be delivered or for carry-out and make payments.
Additionally, iMenu4u helps member restaurants in managing their marketing initiatives in engaging customers and growing their business in a highly competitive marketplace. With our expert teams helping member restaurants in their digital marketing, SEO, SMM strategies, email promotions, website and graphics design, iMenu4u is not just another food delivery platform. Rather it’s a comprehensive solution to help restaurants thrive and grow.


We deliver food and much more

Besides the normal dine-in, carry-out or delivery orders, iMenu4u can help restaurants develop special offers, gift cards, loyalty point schemes, fund raiser programs, referral programs, POS and Tablets for restaurant management amongst many other features. Sounds interesting, doesn’t it? Why not drop us a mail? Let us know the right time to call back. Else, you can click on the Join Us link and give your details.


Distinctive features

iMenu4u is the best online platform for restaurant businesses where restaurants can advertise their own brand using Web,Android & iOS app. iMenu4u is the best online food service for the restaurants as well as for end customers. It is a cloud based system where businesses do not have to worry about managing the system and can focus on increasing sale.